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2024 R-Class Ambassador Search has ended. Ambassadors will be announced in February 2024. 

R-Class ambassadors receive a variety of incentives including but not limited to free shoes, exposure, photoshoots and more.

Please fill out the form below AND make an Instagram post tagging on image @rclass_pointes @rclass.ameria and @rclasseurope

Use Hashtags: #RClassAmbassadorSearch2024 and #DancewithRClass2024

To apply you must:
  1.  Be 14 or older.
  2. Be a current ballet dancer that trains or dances professionally with an established school/company.
  3. Wear R-Class pointe shoes.
  4. Regular activity on social media platforms with public accounts.
  5. Be dedicated in posting weekly content that is unique and authentic wearing and tagging R-Class pointe shoes.
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