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R-Class Signature Collection of pleatless hand-made pointe shoes. Each of the 6 models ranges from most tapered to most broad. Base models end in 0. Other variations end with 1,2,6,or 7.

About US

R-Class has been manufacturing russian-made pointe shoes since 1991. We began supplying soloists at The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and then grew into being a major supplier for ballerinas worldwide. Through the years, our technology, superior quality, reach, and demand has grown and we are happy to continue this growth in the US and Latin America!

Our newest collection has replacements and upgrades of favorite styles you have come to love plus new additions, all with improvements in technology and style.

Roman Kukushkin


R-Class has been at the forefront in the development of the world’s best pointe shoes for over 30 years. The pointe shoes are designed and crafted in Russia, tested and developed on Bolshoi ballerinas, and hand-made with the love and care by over 200 artisans. R-Class is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of pointe shoes in the world and continues to evolve with new collections and connections. The shoes now available in The United States and Latin America are not exact duplications of shoes created in the past for other brands; they are improved, upgraded and redesigned ballet shoes with a mathematical approach to achieving the best fit for every dancer. With 10 base models and hundreds of varieties and customizations, R-Class has a shoe for every type of foot. Our expert staff in the US work to support dancers by travelling in conjunction with our retail partners for fittings, helping answer questions and direct dancers, and continuously developing new ideas, products, and ways to support the dance industry as a whole. R-Class treasures our partnerships with dance retailers and always recommends finding your perfect fit with a qualified and experienced pointe shoe fitter. 

In 2025, the newest collection will be introduced: Adaptiv. Going even further in technology and development, The Adaptiv Collection will have a new adaptive glue, a plastic component on the platform to improve longevity, and stretch satin heels. 

R-Class Adaptiv Collection coming soon

Where New Technology Meets Classical Art

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