Roman Kukushkin, founder of R-Class pointe shoes designer and creator of hand-made Russian pointe shoes

Since 1991

It has always been our intention to create the best pointe shoes. Our design has evolved continually. In RC Collection we have attained perfection thanks to a unique technique of pointe shoe production.

Roman Kukushkin


Only the Best

Natural Materials

Highest quality natural materials are used for pointe shoe production.

Step 1. Lasts.

Life of any pointe shoe model begins from designing and creation of the shoe lasts, from development of the pointe parts: outer sole, inner sole, upper part. Professional shoe fashion designers work in R-Class to make this job. Future success of new collection depends greatly on their work.

Step 2. Materials.

For R-Class pointe shoes we use only natural materials.


Satin for upper part is specially made of cotton and viscose rayon.


Lining is made of 100% cotton.

Materials for the hard part of the box and platform are made of cotton and flax. 

Inner sole is made of special shoeboard of different thicknesses and brands. 

Outer sole is made of natural leather or shoeboard, produced of blended leather, that allows using waste of leathermaking. Afterwards blended leather is easily recovered without environment damage.

Glue for the hard box is made of bread flour and starch with special unique technology in factory. Glue recipe is a secret.

Step 3. Blank production.



Before assembling it’s necessary to produce all the shoe parts:

– Upper

Inner sole

– Outer sole

Step 4. Assembling.

All R-Class pointe shoes are handcrafted.


The handcrafting process is very labor-intensive, but it guarantees high quality of assembling. Each craftsman stamps the shoes he produces with his own unique stamp. It ensures his personal liability for assembling quality.


Pointe shoes assembling includes lots of operations. Here you can see a pocket of the whole process.


Pointe shoes with outer sole of blended leather are machine stitched. This technology is more sophisticated and provides higher durability as the outer and inner soles are stitched together is one single part.

Step 5. Shoe drying.

After assembling all shoes are dried in a special furnace for 24 hours.

Final steps.

After drying all the shoes are subject to quality control and good quality products are packed. Finally our dear customers receive their nice comfortable pointe shoes.

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