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Q: What do dancers love and value most in their pointe shoes? 

A: Comfort, safety, sleek design, consistency and most importantly pointe shoes hand-crafted by artisans with love and care.  

Q: Are the pointe shoes US dancers have come to know and love the the same as they were?

A: The same craftsmen are producing the shoes in the same factory with the same high quality. However, as the market never stands still with its demands, we also constantly strive for technical innovations and product improvements. The new R-Class collections are the result of diligent work combining the best features of our well-known products with improved technology and upgraded design. See the models here

Q: Will we have products in stock?

A: From our side we can fully guarantee continuous in-time shipments, extensive stock, wide assortment and the utmost quality of a unique handmade product. We have a streamlined shipping process that eliminates wait times.

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R-Class Models

R-Class Russian pointe shoes logo

R-Class pointe shoes are hand-crafted Russian pointe shoes that are created with the finest all natural materials. With 10 base models, three shank strengths and each variety available to further customize with a variety of options, dancers are sure to find their perfect fit. We are thrilled and excited to enter the US market under the original name and welcome a loyal audience of dancers that have come to rely on the quality and variety of R-Class manufactured pointe shoes.

R-Class pointe shoes have a wide variety of shapes, strengths, and construction to fit the perfect fit for ballet dancers. Russian pointe shoes hand-made by cobblers with love.

Curious how R-Class pointe shoes are made?

One of the largest pointe shoe manufacturers in the world, R-Class has over 120 makers that hand-craft pointe shoes in Russia. The shoes are made with all natural materials, and use both traditional methods and continually evolving technology to create shoes dancers love.

Owner and designer, Roman Kukushkin, creates R-Class pointe shoes - Russian pointe shoes hand-crafted with love
Owner and designer, Roman Kukushkin, creates R-Class pointe shoes - Russian pointe shoes hand-crafted with love
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