The History of R-Class Pointe Shoes

R-Class has been manufacturing pointe shoes since 1991. We began supplying soloists at The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and then grew into being a major supplier for ballerinas worldwide. Through the years, our technology, superior quality, reach, and demand has grown and we are happy to continue this growth in the US!

R-Class Collection is now available for retailers in the United States! The options include upgrades to well known old favorite models as well as new exciting ones which dancers will undoubtedly love. Both old and new models are made with best quality European fabrics and cardboard, improved long lasting glue and genuine Russian design featuring a new color. All these pointe shoes have been tested by leading professionals of world ballet troupes.

R-Class History

  • 1991 – Company founded. R-Class began by working with Bolshoi Theatre dancers to recreate and modernize classic pointe shoe models.
  • 1993 – The first delivery of R-Class products to Japan.
  • 1998 – R-Class pointe shoes were introduced to the US market.
  • 2005 – JW Collection created – a collection of pleatless pointe shoes known throughout the world under different name brands.
  • 2005 – R-Class regional office is opened in Europe.
  • 2007 – SL Collection created – a collection of pleated pointe shoes that set the standard in the industry.
  • 2018 – RC Collection is created. RC collection is made up styles that have the trademark and unique styling of pleatless construction.
  • 2020 – Classic Collection created. The Classic Collection consists of upgraded and improved styles from our previous pleated models.
  • 2022 – Adaptiv Collection created. Adaptiv is our newest offering with a unique pasting method for the professional dancer.

In 2024 R-Class is looking forward to continuing to grow! Stay on the lookout for ambassador program announcements, special model calls, pointe shoe fitting events and more!

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