Find your perfect fit with R-Class!

RC Signature Collection features pleatless technology with a stitched sole. Pleatless pointe shoes shoes have a lower crown which allows for shallow foot height and/or lifting higher in the shoe.

Classic Symphony Collection features pointe shoes hand-made in the traditional turn-shoe method with pleats. Pleated pointe shoes have a higher crown which allows for fuller foot height and/or further pitch over the platform.

R-Class has been manufacturing pointe shoes since 1991, both under the R-Class name as well as other well-known brands throughout the world. Below is a general sizing guideline for the RC and CL Collections. Pointe shoes should always be tried on to ensure the best possible fit for the safety and health of the dancer.


R-Class RC Signature Collection images of all pleatless pointe shoe models from the front to see different in box shapes

Pleatless pointe shoes by R-Class have shallower crowns that lift the dancer high in the shoe and stitched soles for wonderful durability and stabilization. 

  • RC10 – Pristine: Most tapered
  • RC20 – Brillante: Tapered with broader metatarsal
  • RC30 – Fantasia: Square and broad 
  • RC40 – Iridescence: Similar shape as RC30 with more volume in the box and less volume in the heel
  • RC50 – Incande: Extra long wings and lateral support
  • RC90 – Enchante: Broad and wide – same last as CL90 – broad and very wide with pleatless technology that makes the crown more shallow and secure.

Base models end in “0” and are in stock in vamp 2 in soft, medium, and hard

Limited Stock/Special Orders:

  • Vamp 1
  • Vamp 3
  • “V” Vamp
  • Ending in “1” – First Pointe – super soft shank with lighter pasting
  • Ending in “2” – Quiet
  • Ending in “6” – 3/4 sole and hard shank to make the shank extra hard
  • Ending in “7” – Microfiber Tip
R-Class RC Signature Collection images of all pleatless pointe shoe models from the front to see different in box shapes

Pleated pointe shoes have higher crowns due to the traditional turn-shoe method of construction. The shanks and soles are attached using nails and glue. Both of these make shoes more pliable and allow the dancer to go further over the platform.

  • CL60 – Crescenda: Moderately tapered med-high crown.
  • CL70 – Arpeggia: Very square.
  • CL80 – Toccata: Very tapered with high crown.
  • CL90 – Legata: Very broad and wide – compare to RC90 (same last with different technology).

The base models that are in stock are vamp 2.

Vamp 1, 3, and V are limited stock and special order.

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